Several Yemen women activists celebrate death of Houthi terrorist Zaben

Several Yemen women activists celebrate death of Houthi terrorist Zaben

Several Yemeni women and female activists, especially former victims, of Houthi terrorist operative Sultan Zaben have celebrated his death.  

The director of the Houthi terrorist militia’s ‘Criminal Investigation Department in Sana’a, is notorious for the detention, torture and the rape of hundreds of women in Sana’a jails. He has died in mystery with some attributing his death to internal rivalry within the militia and others attributing it to coronavirus.

“Moments ago, someone has given me the best news I have heard in my life ..May God give him the glad news of entering heaven. He told me that the terrorist, criminal and rapist Sultan Zabne has surrendered his soul (died),” said Sameera al-Hoori, a female activist and former hostage in Zaben’s jail said in a six-minute videoclip posted on her facebook account. She said Zaben is Abdulmlalik Al-Houthis right-hand in kidnapping “1400 women in the Houthi areas of control.”  

Another video record of another young girl was circulated on Facebook of a young girl celebrating Zaben’s demise saying, “He died today that who kidnapped me, tortured me, caused me to lose my vision, terrified my children, displaced me from my home and my ken. He died today, the Houthi worst tyrant. I tell him today you are in God’s hands. What are you going to tell him?.”

Hundreds of Yemeni women and families are expected to celebrate Zaben’s death in private in a very conservative society like Yemen where families mostly prefer to deny that they have or once had female relatives in Houthi jails.


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