Ibb governorate: Houthi leader encroaches on public road by force

Ibb governorate: Houthi leader encroaches on public road by force

A leader in the Houthi terrorist militia seized a public street in Ibb Governorate, in central Yemen, in light of daily violations and robberies carried out by the militia in various governorates under its armed control.

Local sources said that the Houthi leader, Adnan Al-Dhari, brought in dozens of gunmen and began building a private property on the sidewalk of one of the streets of the city of Yarim, in violation of all laws and in a scene that exposes the extent of the tampering practiced by the militia against the general plans of the cities in the areas under its control.

The sources indicated that the leader Al-Dhari has been continuing his work since his days, and intends to build twenty commercial stores, despite the opposition and societal rejection of what he is doing.

The sources confirmed the existence of a partnership between the leader Al-Dhari and another leader named Abdul-Ilah Amer, who was appointed by the militia as director of the endowments of the Yarim District, as they sought to sabotage the main street and seize it by force.

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