Instead of lifting Taiz siege, Houthis try to complete its encirclement: Press Summary

Instead of lifting Taiz siege, Houthis try to complete its encirclement: Press Summary

  1. The Houthi militia have for the past few days stepped up ground attacks on Hidhran area in Al-Dhabab district west of Taiz as they trying to cut off the last road connecting the seven year besieged city with the outside world. The Houthi terrorists' attempt to complete the encirclement of Taiz comes at a time when they are supposed to lift the seven year siege as per the UN truce agreement that end the coalition strikes against them and allowed the operation of sea and airports under their control./Taiz News and other websites.
  2. Four soldiers have been killed in Houthi attacks in Taiz since Thursday/Multiple websites
  3. Houthi sniper shoots injured a woman in Karesh district of Lahj province, in south Yemen./Multiple websites
  4. Houthi landmines kill Yemenis in war and peace/Bawabati
  5. The dead body of a young man has been found dumped in one of the streets of Sana'a with marks of torture on it/Yemen Time
  6. Houthi militia in Aljawf close the only road leading to Marib./Multiple websites
  7. The international community's and Yemeni government'spampering of the Houthi militia will not help bring any solution to the conflict./Ayn Almahrah
  8. Houthi sniper shoots injured a woman in Karesh district, Lahj. /Multiple websites
  9. A senior Houthi figure, Abu Fadhl Al-Hanami, was assassinated by unknown gunmennorth of the capital Sana'a in what seems to be the latest episode of the Houthi militia's internal rivalry.Al-Hanami's tribe, Bani Husheish, has accused the militia of treason especially since the tribe is one of the tribes that sacrificed most fighters in the ranks of the militia/Almashehad Alyemeni
  10. The peace that the UN claims to wants is to enable Houthis to control Yemen, says the exiled mayor of the capital Sana'a/Aden Alghad
  11. A shocking video of a new Houthi military camp where children under the age of 10 are receiving training/Multiple websites and social media
  12. Crimes in Taiz are a made-up chaos meant to serve the Houthis, Yemen's ambassador to Rabat says/Bawabati


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