Ethiopian activist says Houthis step up fighter recruitment among her compatriots: Press Summary

Ethiopian activist says Houthis step up fighter recruitment among her compatriots: Press Summary


  1. The Chairwoman of Oromo Organization for Human Rights Arafat Gabriel has accused Yemen's Houthi militia of intensifying the rate of recruiting African refugees especially Ethiopians from the Oromo ethnic group to the militia's military camps and warfront against the Yemeni government./Yemen TV channel and news websites.
  2. The Yemeni government has demanded the Lebanese government to shut down two TV channels run by the terrorist Houthi militia/Multiple websites
  1. An Arabian Gulf journalist: We hope that Lebanon shuts down the Houthi TV channels/Aden Alghad
  2. Several civilians including women were injured by Houthi artillery fire on Bilad Al-Wafi village in the Jabal Habashi mountain, of Taiz on Tuesday/Multiple websites
  3. Houthis launch attack on Dhale'a governorate triggering fierce clashes with the army and local resistance./Maz Press

  1. Two gunmen kidnap a young man in front of his house in Aden/Aden Now
  2. Reviewing last year's achievements during their annual conference on Tuesday, Taiz police saidthey arrested four ISIS militants in the city, In previous times the police had announced the arrest of terror cells linked to the Houthi militia/Yeni Yemen
  3. Houthis are preparing to declare an emergency law/Almostaqbal Online
  4. The Houthi militia kidnap a local staffer (the assistant information specialist) in the US embassy in Sana'a/Multiple websites.
  5. Houthi militants killed an unarmed civilian (Mazen Al-Sane'a) in an off-road in Al-Beidha [central Yemen]. The militants intercepted him and accused him of smuggling petrol from Marib on his car to Al-Beidha where the militia monopolizes the black market of fuel. /Multiple websites
  6. Yemen Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani
  7. warns of Houthi efforts to recruit tens of thousands of civil servants - in the militia's areas of control- to the warfronts/Multiple websites.
  8. The health conditions of Ahmed Al-Rodayni, a hostage in Houthi captivity, is deteriorating Al-Sahel Algharbi
  9. The Hodeidah Seaport is the gateway of Houthi terrorism. When will it be closed?/Aden Alghad
  10. The Houthi militia sentenced three people including the president of a brand-name private school in Sana'a to death on trumped-up charges.The militia sentenced 10 others to jail terms ranging from five to eight years./ Yemeni Sport and other websites
  11. Houthis punish a private school by forcing the dismissal of its female president and exclusion of girls to render it a male-only school/Almashehad Alyemeni
  12. Houthi-run courtorders the imprisonment of journalist Nabil Al-Sidawi for eight years on trumped-up charges/Aden Alghad
  13. The Yemeni Journalists Union condemned the sentence against Nabil Al-Sidawias "a new abuse in the serious of violations Al-Sidawi is being subjected to in a court unlawfully controlled by a repressive militia."

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