Instead of Houthis, Yemeni condemnations now focus on international silence

Instead of Houthis, Yemeni condemnations now focus on international silence

After Houthis executed nine people in Sana'a last month over an alleged 2018 killing of a senior member of the Shia terrorist militia, the chairwoman of local NGO, Defense of Rights and Freedoms, Huda al-Sararee tweeted: "The UN agencies derive pleasure from the Houthi militia's crimes against the Yemeni people."

Last week, female students in Marib's main University of Saba, organized a rally to "condemn international silence over the Houthi newly imposed blockade on Hareeb, a district of 39 thousand people in Harib.


After every Houthi war crime, Yemeni NGOs in general often find themselves compelled to focus condemnation on the weird "international silence" more than the crimes of the Shia militia themselves.   


Yemeni officials including Information Minister, the government's de facto spokesman, makes no condemnation of any Houthi terror attack without deploring the international silence.


Yemen's parliament condemned last evening the Houthi three ballistic missile attacks that in the afternoon of the same day had left 35 civilian casualties among them women and children laying the blame on the international community's feet and demanding the re-designation of Houthis as a terrorist organization.


"The presidency of the Yemeni parliament laid the blame for the spill of the innocent women, children and elderlies' blood on the international community on top of which is the United States for its decision (months ago) to remove the Houthis from the terror organizations list, an act that has encouraged the militia to use their weapons to commit this genocide," read a statement from the Yemeni parliament.

The Shia terrorists interpreted the US and UN efforts in February to end their terror designation and the US envoy Lenderking's remarks that recognized them as "a legitimate actor" as repetitive green lights to double down in their incessant war on government-held cities.

The Yemeni people too, officials and activists, repeatedly condemn the international silence perceiving it as an indirect international green light for the Shia terror militia to press ahead with their sectarian war.



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