Yemen News Digest from websites

Yemen News Digest from websites


  1. A second activist has died soon after his release from Houthi-run jail in Sana’a. Local sources in Marib saidMustafa Qayed Hizabr (pictured) died in Marib today, almost 19 daysafter he was freed under a large scale prisoner exchange between the government and the militia. Hizabr had been detained and subject to constant torture in Houthi jail for three years. His death comes two days after another prisoner - a professor of psychology at Sana’a University - Adnan Al-Sharjabi, released in the same exchange deal died mysteriously. Almost all prisoners left Houthi jails with medical issues, some very serious, due to years of being subject to torture. This story was compiled from multiple websites.

  2. Three government soldiers were assassinated by a landmine between Marib and Shabwa. Source of the story: Multiple websites.

  3. A military campaign has prevented gunmen from setting up own military camp near an oil company in Osaylan district of Shabwa. Source: Multiple websites.

  4. The Houthi militia in Ibb continue to hold funerals for fallen militants. Source: Khabar News Agency.

  5. A Houthi leader executes a civilian in cold blood in Ibb, reads the headline of a story on Bawabati.

  6. Businessman Fuad Shareb has been killed in a horrific way in Sana’a. Source: Sana’a Online.

  7. The Houthi militia have denied 18 marginalized Yemenis (of African descent) enrollment in Sana’a University. Source: Yemen Talk.

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