What did the Yemeni Press Say Today ?

What did the Yemeni Press Say Today ?


  1. Houthi gunmen have killed two men including a child and injured a third in a fire shooting on a wedding party in A-Ashaab village in Jabal Habashi district of the central Yemeni province of Taiz. The (Shia Jihadist theocratic) militia continues to shell civilian areas with heavy weapons mostly killing women and children. Source of the story: Almanarahnet and other websites.
  2. Safer oil tanker is pomegranate in the hands of Houthis as is Beirut Port in the hands of Hezbollah. Source: Multiple Yemeni news websites quoting the London-based daily Al-Arab.
  3. The Yemeni government has warned that the decaying oil tanker in Houthi hands could explode and cause a disaster hundreds of times bigger than the explosion the Lebanon explosion caused. Source: Multiple news websites.
  4. A Houthi projectile renders internally displaced young girl seriously wounded in Hodeidah. Source: Youtubers.
  5. Yemen voices solidarity with Lebanon over the huge blast that rocked the capital Beirut. Source: Yemen's state-run and private media quoting Yemeni government officials and institutions.
  6. A woman was killed and her young daughter was injured in the explosion of a Houthi landmine in Aljawf province. Source: Hadharemnet news website.
  7. Clashes renewed between government forces and STC separatist militias in Abya. Source: Multiple news websites.
  8. Huge explosion rocks Al-Mansoura neighborhood in Aden. No casualties. Source: Bawabati news website.



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