Houthis kidnap commander of air forces base

Houthis kidnap commander of air forces base

Militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Friday abducted the director of Tariq Air Forces Base from the city of Ibb. 

Local sources told Alsahwah Net that Col. Ameen Numan al-Rabadi from an entry of Ibb city. 

The sources said that al-Rabadi was one of the officer who did not obey demands of the Houthi militias, pointing out that he is respected by all his colleagues. 

The militias on Monday kidnaped an officer of al-Sayani Security Department Sadeq Abdullah al-Yusifi and took him to the Political Security's Sadeq Abdullah al-Yusufi on false charges. 

The governorate of Ibb has been witnessing amounting crimes and violations against rights and freedoms, particularly crimes of murder and abduction since militias of the Houthis took over the governorate on October 2014.

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