HRW: Houthi-Saleh forces killed 30 civilians in Taiz

HRW: Houthi-Saleh forces killed 30 civilians in Taiz

Human Rights Wathc has said that the Houthi-Saleh militias indiscriminately bombed populated neighborhoods in Taiz, Yemen’s third largest city, in violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said today.

" Over a 10-day period in May 2017, shelling of the city by the Houthi armed group and forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh resulted in the deaths of at least 30 civilians and wounded more than 160 others, according to doctors at two local hospitals," HRW said in a report released on Wednesday .

Human Rights Watch affirmed that it documented seven attacks between May 21 and 23 that killed at least 12 civilians, including four children, and wounded 29, including 10 children.

"Houthi-Saleh forces apparently carried out six artillery attacks on Taizz city, which is controlled by forces affiliated with the Yemeni government. On May 22, government-affiliated forces appear to have shelled al-Hawban district, under Houthi-Saleh control, northeast of Taizz, and killed three civilians, including two children, and wounded two others," it went on

“Houthi-Saleh forces’ shelling of populated areas of Taizz has taken a terrible toll on civilians,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Houthi-Saleh commanders should immediately halt these indiscriminate attacks, and Yemeni government forces should ensure that their own forces are not launching similarly unlawful attacks outside the city.”


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