Over 11,000 civilians killed due to Houthi-Saleh coup

Over 11,000 civilians  killed due to Houthi-Saleh coup

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Human Rights Minister has revealed that 11,251 persons have been killed since the Houthi-Saleh militias conducted their coup against the legitimate government in early 2015.

In a symposium held in Cairo on Saturday, Askar said that 1080 children and 684 women were among the killed.

In a remark to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), Askar affirmed that 500 civilians including children and women and eight journalists were killed in 2017 alone, pointing out that one journalists, Yahya al-Jubaihi was sentenced to death.

He also said that t cases of abductions and forced detention amounted 1930 cases including 400 forced disappearance in 2017.

He spelt out that the cases of abduction and forced disappearance amounted 18,734 cases including the Defense Minister Mohmoud al-Subaihi, Maj. Gen. Nasser Mansour and the veteran politician Mohammed Qahatan.


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