Houthis commit 53 crimes in Hajjah during July

Houthis commit 53 crimes in Hajjah during July

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A human rights report has revealed that Houthi-Saleh militias committed 53 crimes in Hajjah during July, affirming that one civilian was murdered and another one was tortured until death.

The report said that the militias committed crimes of abduction and forced disappearance, pointing out that a member of Hajjah's local council Ahmed Qahtan was abducted and forcedly disappeared.

The report affirmed that the abductee Masoud al-Bakili was brutally tortured until death and that Abdul-Kareem al-Sakbi was murdered.

It is worth reclaiming that the Houthi-Saleh continue their crimes and violations on a daily basis in different governorates.


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