Yemen Foreign Ministry calls for taking deterrent actions against Iran

Yemen Foreign Ministry calls for taking deterrent actions against Iran

Yemen Foreign Ministry on Friday called the United Nationals to take urgent deterrent actions against Iran in order to stop sending weapons to the Houthis.  
The ministry said that it was briefed on a report issued by Conflict Armament Research which concluded that Iran used the Arab Sea as a supply line to arm the Houthi rebels via Somalia.
The report affirms the allegations of the Yemeni international-recognized government and the Arab Coalition that Iran violates the International Resolutions and provides the Houthi rebels with weapons.
The statement said that the report of Conflict Armament Research is a further evidence that Iran operates to destabilize Yemen and the region as a whole.
The suspected pipeline leads from Iran to the coast of Somalia and then across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen, Conflict Armament Research said in a report on Wednesday.
"This report provides evidence suggesting Iran is playing a hand in supplying weapons to the conflict in Yemen," said Jonah Leff, the director of operations for the arms research group.
Australian, French, and US warships have seized some 4,500 weapons while raiding three traditional Middle Eastern boats, so-called dhows, in February and March of this year. According to the report, the arms shipments included 2,000 assault rifles "characteristic of Iranian manufacture" and 64 Hoshdar-M Iranian-made sniper rifles, all of them new.

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