Hundreds of children used in Yemen war

Hundreds of children used in Yemen war

Alsahwa Net- The figure of children who were killed during their involvement in the battle amounted to 424 and 16 others were paralyzed ,the head of the monitoring and documentation unit of the Yemeni Alliance for Monitoring Claims of Human Rights Violations Riyadh al-Duba'e has revealed.

In a symposium held by the alliance in the Human Rights Council in Geneva, al-Duba'e pointed out that children are recruited form tribal and poor areas, pointing out that the Houthi-Saleh militias use them in military camps, checkpoints and others.  

 He spelt out that children are taken without the knowledge of their families and sometime pressures are put on the families and they are threatened to allow their children to join army camps.

He also said that the militias exploited mosques and schools to recruit children, demanding the UN Security Council to condemn child recruitment and use them in wars, stressing the importance of pressuring the militias to demobilize them.


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