Yemen: Over 2,500,000 persons displaced due to war

Yemen: Over 2,500,000 persons displaced due to war

Alsahwa Net- Over 2,500,000 persons have been displaced due to war carried out by the Houthi-Saleh militia across a number of governorates, the displaced persons public body revealed.

The chairperson of the body Najeeb al-Sa'adi said in a symposium held in the Human Rights Council in Geneva, al-Sa'adi affirmed that 2,442,289 persons were internally displaced and over 300,000 others escaped to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Djibouti, Turkey, Malaysia, Somalia and Jordan.

Al-Sa'adi spelt out that displacement and forced deportation started in 2004 as the Houthi Movement forcedly deported over 400,000 persons from Saadah who could not return to their homes so far in fear of retaliation.


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