Security forces arrest senior Houthi leader in Marib

Security forces arrest senior Houthi leader in Marib

Security forces of Marib governorate have revealed that they arrested on Tuesday a senior Houthi leader, Ahmed al-Muhris in Marib, pointing out that he was pursued in streets of Maric city, then was arrested.

The sources affirmed that al-Muhas worked as a supervisor of the Houthis in Ibb governorate and that he was sent to Marib to gather intelligence and carry out assassinations.

Meanwhile, a security source in Marib governorate had denied reports about the release of the Hotuhi leader Mustafa al-Mutawkil, citing that he is one of the big masterminds who carried out the Hotuhi-Saleh coup against the Yemeni legitimacy.

The Yemeni News Agency (Saba) said that al-Mutawkil is investigated in accordance with legal measures.

Security forces captured al-Mutawkil in Apirl in Marib while he was returning to Yemen from Cairo.

Seucrity sources affirmed Al-Mutawkil is one of the top Houthi leader and an advisor of the Iranian embassy in Sana'a. He was also appointed by the Houthis as chairman of the Public Authority for Investment.


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