Over 400 violations made by Houthis Saleh militias in May

Over 400 violations made by Houthis Saleh militias in May

Alsahwa Net- The National Committee for Investigating Human Rights Violations has documented and investigated 407 violations committed by the Houthis Saleh militias in a number of Yemeni governorates during May 2017 alone.

The committee said, in a statement issued on June 9, that these violations included 44 cases of arbitrary arrests, 132 cases of murdering civilians, 123 injuries, 40 destructions of local properties, 20 explosions of houses, 14 plantations of mines, five cases of extrajudicial killing, 10 of forced disappearances, five forced disappearances, three cases of torture, six cases of child recruitment, two cases of assaulting medical crews.

The statement embarked on its tasks in the period from 21 to 31 May, 2017 during which 167 civilians including 70 children were killed and wounded as a result of indiscriminate shelling of populated neighborhoods in some districts of Taiz.

According to the statement, interviewers and observants of the committee went to the areas of the violations and visited hospitals to hear testimonies.

The statement also called relatives of the victims and civil society organizations to provide information and data to the committee in order to enable it identify facts.


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