Official source: Houthis thwarted Muscat negotiations

Official source: Houthis thwarted Muscat negotiations

A Yemeni official accused the terrorist Houthi militia of thwarting the latest round of negotiations in Muscat and all attempts to reach a prisoner exchange deal.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted the source in the Muscat consultations as saying, "Despite the positive atmosphere and the breakthrough that took place in the ninth negotiating round, the Houthi militia worked with all its might to thwart the exchange process in this round."

The source added that the Houthis failed this round because they did not care about their prisoners and members, and they refused to conduct any prisoner in this round.

The terrorist Houthi militia hold hundreds of government soldiers, and civilian hostages including those caught once expressing anti-Houthi opinions at some point in their daily life, unsuspecting Houthi spying and not expecting the punishment of detention for that.

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