Yemenis bid farewell to a year replete with Houthi abuses

Yemenis bid farewell to a year replete with Houthi abuses

The year 2023 was full of violations committed by the Houthi militia against the Yemenis, their land, and their dignity. The militias left no room in life without tampering with it, and rendered the Yemenis victims of a bloody game directed by Iran.

During this year, the Houthi militia launched widespread kidnapping and raid campaigns, the reasons for which varied, but the month of September witnessed the most prominent of them, as the militias arrested 1,000 citizens from the capital, Sanaa, and the Ibb and Dhamar governorates, against the backdrop of celebrating the anniversary of the September 26 Revolution and raising the Yemeni flag. The militia also searched and confiscated the phones of the detainees. The militia demanded a financial ransom from their families in exchange for their release.

Campaigns of widespread arbitrary kidnappings during this year affected hundreds of civilians, including journalists, human rights activists, and politicians, without any legal justification, and threw them into its secret prisons, where they are subjected to brutal torture and abuse.

Violations affecting women and children

The Houthi militia continues to exploit children, forcibly conscripting them into its ranks, using methods of intimidation and deception, and pushing them to the fighting fronts, where they are exposed to death and injury, in addition to psychological trauma that haunts them for life. In a report by the Human Rights Organization in Sanaa, it said: “The militia committed 11,232 violations against the children of Sanaa, during the period from November 19, 2022 to November 19, 2023, ranging from killing, kidnapping, recruitment, and sabotaging health and educational institutions.”

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