Islah spokesman: We'll continue to support Palestinian rights and look forward to constructive Chinese role

Islah spokesman: We'll continue to support Palestinian rights and look forward to constructive Chinese role


The Deputy Head of the Islah Information Department, the party's official spokesman Adnan Al-Odayni said that Islah Party, as a political stakeholder representing all segments of Yemeni society, believes in the just Palestinian cause and the right of the Palestinian people to defend their lives and land by all means guaranteed to them by international law.


 This came during his participation in the virtual symposium on the Palestinian issue, held by the Foreign Relations Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which began today, Wednesday, for staff of parties from Arab countries.


 Al-Odayni expressed his aspiration for a constructive Chinese role in this conflict, and confidence in China's ability to play this role. He added: "I think we all share the same idea that resolving the Palestinian issue and ending the occupation are a gateway to ending conflicts in the region, which opens up a space for joint action with all active forces in the world and achieving everyone's interests.


" He said that the West’s persistence in supporting the Zionist entity in its war of genocide against the Gaza Strip financially, militarily and in the media, which is trying to dismantle the issue and make October 7 the basis of the conflict, stems from the West’s hostility to humanity as a whole and treating it as a pawn in achieving its capitalist ambitions, moving it to serve its interests, destroying and dismantling it.


 The Deputy Head of Islah Media indicated that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has transcended its regional borders and become a global issue that concerns all free people around the world. Al-Odayni said that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is no longer a conflict between governments and regimes only, or a conflict limited to military, economic, or diplomatic tools only, but peoples and popular formations have also become active in it to the extent that they are targeted by media and propaganda, whether from Israel or from the governments supporting it. He stressed that peoples and popular formations have always been present since the roots of the conflict.


 He went on to say: “We in the Islah Party have always been and will always be supportive of the right of the Palestinian people to be liberated from colonialism, since colonialism is an idea that is incompatible with democracy and human dignity, and it is the issue on which the Islah Party grew up and has fought and struggles for it at all junctures of political life.


 Al-Odayni stated that the right of the Palestinian people cannot be supported by anyone who denies the freedom of peoples and their right to equality and human dignity.


 He pointed to the consensus of many specialists, politicians and researchers that the Palestinian issue is the key to the solution to all the problems and conflicts of the Middle East.

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