Newspaper: Germany adopts initiative to solve Yemen's crisis

Newspaper: Germany adopts initiative to solve Yemen's crisis

Alsahwa Net- Yemeni governmental sources has revealed about a German initiative backed by the European Union to solve the Yemeni crisis and move forward the political process, the Emirate newspaper of Alkhaleej quoted the sources.

The newspaper said that the initiative will be officially offered by Germany and the European Union to the United Nations in order to adopt it, indicating that the plan provides to start a humanitarian truce before Ramadan.

According to the sources, the initiative provides to swap detainees and forcedly disappeared persons, lift of the sieges on some cities and allow the humanitarian assistances to be delivered to the harmed areas.

The sources also said that the German imitative also stipulates the withdrawal of the Houthi-Saleh militias from the city of al-Hudeida which will be secured by Yemeni forces that were not involved in the war.

It also conditions to reopen Sana'a Airport and that it will be supervised by UN forces.


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