Counting victims of Israeli aggression on Gaza is becoming increasingly difficult

Counting victims of Israeli aggression on Gaza is becoming increasingly difficult

The difficulty of accurately counting the victims of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip is increasing, with the relentless Israeli bombardment  of Gaza's infrastructure, repeated disruption of telecommunication services, and mass death and disappearance of people involved in jobs of documentation.

The latest death toll has reached more than 16 thousand and injuries toll over 43 thousand, with most of the causalities being women and children.

In the first 6 weeks of the aggression, hospital morgues across Gaza sent the numbers to the main statistics center of the Ministry of Health in Gaza in Al-Shifa Hospital, and officials used Excel to record the names, ages, and ID numbers of the martyrs, and transmitted this to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah.

However, of the four officials who managed the documentation process at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, one was martyred in an Israeli raid on the hospital, and the others were arrested when Israeli forces seized the building under the pretext that it was the operations center of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), according to the Ramallah Ministry of Health. Gaza health officials used to update the casualty toll in a press conference on a daily basis.




With the collapse of the week-long humanitarian truce that lasted last Friday, updates of the casualty toll have become irregular.

Experts confirmed to Reuters that the current toll of victims of the Israeli aggression on Gaza is not comprehensive.

A spokesman for a United Nations human rights agency said that their monitoring of the numbers provided by the Ministry of Health in Gaza indicates that the figures are lower than they are in reality, because these figures do not include those who died before reach hospitals, or those who may be under the rubble

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