Sudanese forces to protect Yemen's oil facilities

Sudanese forces to protect Yemen's oil facilities

Alsahwa Net- Sudanese forces on Friday arrived in the district of Radoum, east of Shabwah governorate.

Local sources told Alsahwa Net that Sudanese forces and local forced affiliated to what is called the Security Belt arrived in on Friday al-Mukala port and then went to the area of Radoum, Shabwah to protect the oil facility of Belhaf.

Two Sudanese troops were killed and several others injured in Yemen where it participates within the Saudi-led “Decisive Storm” coalition against the Iranian-allied Houthi militants.

In January 2016, the Sudanese army announced that unexploded ordnance caused the death of a Sudanese soldier while he was burning a mass of rubble at the headquarters of Sudanese troops in Aden.

Also, last April the army said five soldiers were killed and other 22 wounded in military operations in Yemen.


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