Hajri calls for encouraging political pluralism and warns of dangers of multiple armies

Hajri calls for encouraging political pluralism and warns of dangers of multiple armies

Member of the Supreme Commission of the Yemeni Islah Party, head of the parliamentary bloc, MP Abdul Razzaq Al-Hajri, said that Islah is extending its hand to all political forces that believe in the project of restoring the state, in order to sit down for dialogue and reconciliation.

Al-Hajri explained, during his talk in the Yemen Brief podcast about the Yemeni political parties and the Islah Party, held in the Dutch city of The Hague, that the Houthi militia was able to overthrow the state as a result of the cracks and differences between the political forces, and that the militia’s continuation is due to the existing discrepancy.

He pointed out that a good way has been made, praising the National Alliance of Political Parties and Forces, revealing the formation of a committee of secretaries of all parties and the head of the coalition, for dialogue and communication with the rest of the components in the Leadership Council, such as the Transitional Council, the Political Bureau of the Resistance, the Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference, and the Southerrn National Coalition.

He called on everyone to sit down and agree on the basis for restoring the state, and to forget the differences of the past, or at least postpone them.

Political parties

Al-Hajri stated that political parties are the backbone of the political system, noting that the constitution stipulates that the political system in Yemen is based on political pluralism.

He explained that the parties proved their worth in the past decades, participated in electoral processes, were in power and in the opposition, had a major role, and were and still are the political bearers of legitimacy in the face of the Houthi militia’s coup.

He attributed the lack of luster of the parties in the past year to the shift of attention towards the components of the Presidential Leadership Council, considering the union of the forces included in it a positive matter, but he expressed his regret that the role of the parties was being marginalized.


He warned of the danger of encouraging multiple armies instead of encouraging political pluralism, pointing out the dangers of multiple armies to the state’s structure, stability, and societal fabric, if these armies are not controlled and unified under the leadership of the Ministries of Defense and Interior, so that they are not a factor of future danger, repeating the cause of collapses and wars in the country to the distribution of power between quarreling parties and armed groups such as the Houthi militia, which caused the catastrophe in which we are living.

The head of the Islah Parliament expressed his optimism that the Presidential Leadership Council would unite all entities in confronting the Houthi militia, in order to restore the state by peace or war.He considered it a mistake to deal with political parties as if they had ended, because this proposal is inconsistent with the truth. He continued: "Political parties exist. It is true that they have suffered from the weakness and diaspora among the people of Yemen that have befallen the nation, but that does not mean that they have ended.Al-Hajri warned against some preaching and celebrating the disappearance of parties, because the alternative is violent groups, if political life is not restored, indicating that the alternative is frightening.

Return to political life

He pointed out that objective circumstances affected the parties, including the Houthi militia’s control over the governorates and eliminated political life, noting that the militia closed and looted party headquarters, banned newspapers and party channels, and suppressed rights and freedoms, pointing out that this forced parties in areas under the militia’s control to remain silent. .Al-Hajri touched on the occurrence of problems in some areas of legitimacy, in some of which political life is still suspended, as a result of factors known to everyone, stressing that this issue should be addressed and that everyone should strive to revive the spirit of political action in areas of legitimacy.

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