Hostage dies of torture in Houthi-run jail in Sana'a

Hostage dies of torture in Houthi-run jail in Sana'a

Human rights sources said that a man by the name Ezzedine Saleh Al-Habji has died of torture in one of the prisons of the terrorist Shiit Houthi militia, supervised by the leader Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada., in Sana'a

The sources said that the hostage, 28 years old, died after being tortured in the Central Security Camp prison, and after his death, the militia transferred his body to Al-Quds Hospital, and intends to repudiate the crime, by producing a medical report from the hospital it controls stating that his death was natural, despite the traces of brutal torture marking his body.

According to the sources, the victim remained in custody of Houthi kidnappers for approximately one year and two months, and he was transferred to the militia-run prisons in Al-Sawadiyah, Dhamar, and Sanaa.

Former abductees released from Houthi jails confirm they had been subjected to brutal torture in several prisons in Sana'a in the presence of Houthi militant Al-Murtada or his brother.

Thousands of people have been tortured to death or disability in the prisons of the Shiit militia.

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