German officials: Yemen's issue is a priority for Merkel

German officials: Yemen's issue is a priority for Merkel

Alsahwa Net- Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar on Thursday met with the Development and International Cooperation Gerald Muller at the sideline of his visit to Germany.

During the meeting attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Abdul-Malik al-Mikhlafi, bilateral relations between Yemen and Germany were discussed.

Bin Daghar cited that the German government pledged to provide €55 million as a development assistance for Yemeni 2017 and that it also committed to pay €50 million as relief assistances during the humanitarian relief response meeting held last month in Geneva.

The German minister said that Yemen's file is a priority of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and that the German government stands by the Yemeni people and government to terminate the suffering of Yemenis and saving lives of millions of Yemeni children.

Meanwhile, Bin Daghar Advisor of German Chancellor Christoph Heusgen discussed here aspects of cooperation between Yemen and Germany, support Yemen in the framework of international and regional terms of reference, and reaching a lasting peace in Yemen.



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