Most violent night in Gaza: Dozens killed and wounded by unprecedented Israeli bombing

Most violent night in Gaza: Dozens killed and wounded by unprecedented Israeli bombing

The Gaza Strip has seen the most violent night since the start of the Israeli aggression on October 7, following unprecedented violent bombing operations that targeted homes and public facilities, leading to the death of more than 400 Palestinians in one day.

Israeli fighters launched a series of raids last night, targeting inhabited homes without warning in various areas of the Gaza Strip. The raids crushed houses on the heads of their residents and resulted in the martyrdom of about 80 Palestinians, most of them children and women.

A Gaza civil defense officer told Al Jazeera that the bodies of 30 martyrs - most of them children and women - were recovered in the Jabalia camp in the northeastern Gaza Strip after it came under Israeli bombing.

The director of the Indonesian hospital, Atef Al-Kahlot, told Al Jazeera that his hospital alone received the bodies of 26 martyrs.

Al Jazeera's correspondent reported that 4 Palestinians were killed in the bombing of a house in Rafah, in addition to another martyr in the bombing of another house in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza.

The reporter added that the Israeli bombing targeted the vicinity of the UNRWA supply center in the Beach camp in Gaza.

Yesterday, Sunday, the Israeli raids left dozens wounded by targeting public facilities and carrying out heavy artillery shelling on various areas of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli aircraft bombed areas near 3 hospitals early on Monday morning: Al-Shifa Medical Complex, Al-Quds Hospital, and the Indonesian Hospital, but it was not clear whether the hospitals themselves were damaged.

A large number of people are still trapped under the rubble and it is difficult to get them out due to the lack of capabilities and mechanisms.


The Israeli aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip has entered its third week after Operation Al-Aqsa Flood launched by the Palestinian resistance. The Israeli bombing has so far left 4,561 civilians dead and 14,245 injured, most of them women and children. It destroyed entire neighborhoods and sent 7 hospitals out of service, amid a collapse in the health sector and other aspects of daily life.

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