Houthi terrorists attack IDPs camps in Marib

Houthi terrorists attack IDPs camps in Marib

Houthis targeted IDPs camps in Marib Governorate with Katyusha missiles, as part of the terrorists militia's ongoing crimes against IDPs.

The Interior Ministry website said that terrorist militias targeted the Suwayda camp, which includes displaced families from conflict areas.


According to the site, the militias fired a Katyusha missile at the camp, causing material damage and damaging a number of vehicles.

The attack comes five days after a similar attack targeting the "Al-Meel" IDPs camp north of the governorate's capital, which accommodates more than 3,600 displaced families. The missile attack coincided with the visit of the advisor to the UN special envoy to Yemen and the team accompanying him to the governorate.

In a statement following the Al-Meel camp attack, the Yemeni government held the international community responsible for the continued Houthi attacks on IDPs camps, and demanded a clear and frank condemnation of these terrorist attacks.

It said the terrorist attack on the camp was a direct result of international silence and the lack of any position on the Houthi militia’s targeting of displaced camps in the governorate.

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