Tihamah..starvation, diseases in time of Houthis

Tihamah..starvation, diseases in time of Houthis صورة من تهامة

The region of Tihamah is currently witnessing a deteriorating situation after forces of the Hothis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh took over the region.

The region of Tihamah suffers humanitarian disasters which were worsened as a result of the current war. The rates of poverty hunger highly increased, and the health services seriously declined.    

According to an official report which Alsahwah Net received a copy of it, more than 38% of the region's population are poor and the indication of poverty in the fourth governorates of Tihmah has reached 47.5%. The people who are in an urgent need of food are 15%.

The region of Tihamah includes four governorates; al-Hudeidah, Hajjah, al-Mahweet and Raymah. They are located in the north western of Yemen where the rate poverty and unemployment have largely increased since years, and the current war sharply worsened the deterioration of humanitarian situation.

Malnutrition in Tihamah

The report cited that people of Tihamah only have two meals a day; one at morning and another at night, pointing out that they only contain flour, sugar and tomatoes.

"The people of Tihamah are in an unenviable position due to starvation and suffering" it added.

The report made clear that the people of Tihamah receive assistance from the World Food Programme and other organizations only every two months.

It spelt out that the people of Tihamah lack to health services, so diseases and epidemics spread, mentioning that those who are deprived of having clean drinking water and sewage are 90%.

More than 9 million persons in Yemen suffers as a result of the damage of water networks, and 1.5 million were affected due to the destruction of water networks and installations. Eight water networks are about to be outdated in eight cities.

"The current sewage system in al-Hodeidah does not cover all the city of al-Hudeidah and it is in a dilapidated situation" it added.

The findings of nutrition surveys conducted by UNECIF and the Public Health and Population Ministry in Aden, Lahj, al-Hudeidah, al-Baydha, Saadah, Taiz and Sana'a in the period from May 2015 to May 2016 showed concerning rates of malnutrition.

According to the report, the survey team found out that 7 out of 10 children are infected with the so-called African worm which started to significantly spread. Scabies also spreads in displacement camps and around them. Other diseases also prevailed.

Poverty in Yemen

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world, according to international reports. The governorates of Hajjah, al-Hudeidah, and al-Mahweet and Raymah are the most Yemeni governorates which suffer of poverty and food insecurity.

According to official reports, about 14.1 million people in Yemen are suffering from food insecurity, of whom 7 million are suffering severe food insecurity. This means that 1 out of every 2 Yemenis can't get enough food.

The report indicated that 74% of them are children who under the age of five, and 26% are pregnant women and mothers. They are an urgent need assistance.

Save Tihamah

The report called to save the region of Tihamah, distribute food baskets in the region of Tihamah as a whole.

It also demanded to swiftly intervene to tackle malnutrition through providing medicines to health centers and cooperation with the World Health Organizations and other civil society organizations working in Tihamah.  

The report demanded to provide displacement camps and poor villages with clear drinking water, and urgently intervene to fight cholera, scabies and malaria and dengue fever.

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