Rights groups call for terminating prosecuting 36 Yemeni abductees

Rights groups call for terminating prosecuting 36 Yemeni abductees

Alsahwa Net- Two rights groups have launched a campaign for signature collection petition aiming at terminating the prosecution of 36 Yemeni abductees and repealing a death sentence against the journalist Yahya Abdul-Raqeeb al-Jubaihi.

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, a Geneva-based human rights organization and SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, a Geneva-based human rights organization, spelt out that the petition called for taking urgent measures to guarantee the safety of 36 Yemeni abductees, probe into the conditions of their detention and mistreatment.

The two organizations documented the seizure of 36 Yemeni civilians who were forcedly disappeared by the Houthi Movement for two years, and now they are being prosecuted in a court which violates the minimum conditions of a fair trial.

The two organizations obtained in formation which confirm that the health of the abductees deteriorate due to torture and inhuman treatments they are subjected to.


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