Houthi militia in Ibb prevents school commemorations of September 26 Revolution

Houthi militia in Ibb prevents school commemorations of September 26 Revolution

The terrorist Houthi militia prevented public and private schools in Ibb Governorate from organizing assembly broadcasts and awareness-raising activities on the September 26 Revolution, after the widespread popular celebrations of the Revolution anniversary.

Educational sources said that the Houthi terrorist militia was directed to prevent the establishment of any student activities and school radio broadcasts in various directorates of Ibb Governorate, dealing with the September Revolution.

The sources added that the Education Office, which is controlled by the militia, directed the principals of educational centers and public and private schools to prevent the establishment of any radio broadcasts and student activities regarding the glorious September 26 Revolution, while threatening penalties against those who venture to make any reference to the national festivity.

According to the sources, the militia stressed in its circular that it would continue its sectarian activities on the anniversary of the “Mawlid” until the end of the current month of Rabi’ al-Awwal, in confirmation of its transformation of schools in the areas under its control into a platform for disseminating its ideas and sectarian media discourse.

During the past days and weeks, a number of schools in Ibb Governorate carried out activities to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the September 26 Revolution, in conjunction with the bans and restrictions imposed by the Houthi militia on the people of the governorate, prohibiting any celebration of the Yemeni revolution.

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