Former Governor of Aden leaves to Saudi Arabia

Former Governor of Aden leaves to Saudi Arabia

Alsahwa Net- The two dismissed governor of Aden Aidroos al-Zabidi and the minister of state Hani Bin Buraik on Friday left to the Saudi capital, Riyadh at an invitation of the Arab Coalition's leadership.

This came one day after the so-called the Southern Transitional Council headed by al-Zabidi was announced.

Yemen's presidency on Friday issued a statement in which it decisively refused this council, calling those who their names were involved in the announcement to swiftly determine their positions.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar said, in an article published on Thursday, that no side, governorate or region can impose solutions for Yemen's complicated crisis.

He further cautioned against the repeat of the Houthi-Saleh coup against Yemen's legitimacy in Aden, citing that such act may turn victories achieved by the legitimate government backed by the Arab Coalition into setbacks.


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