Sana'a people commemorate September revolution, call for supporting army to eliminate Houthi coup

Sana'a people commemorate September revolution, call for supporting army to eliminate Houthi coup

This evening, the people of Sana’a Governorate celebrated the 61st anniversary of the eternal September 26 Revolution and the 60th anniversary of the glorious October 14 Revolution, by holding an artistic and oratorical ceremony in the city of Marib, which witnessed widespread popular and official momentum with the participation of the military musical band, with the participation and presence of the Governor of Raymah, Major General Muhammad Al-Houri, and members of the House of Representatives.

The Shura Council, representatives of a number of governorates, political figures, civil, military and security leaders, sheikhs and notables.

At the ceremony, which was held under the slogan “September 26... a people’s revolution and a nation’s renaissance,” the September 26 activist and one of the free officers of the September 26 revolution, Major General Ahmed Qarhash, gave a speech in which he stressed that the glow and intensity of the revolution today is similar to what it was 61 years ago on the morning of September 26 of the year. 1926 AD, which uprooted the Imami priestly system forever, and today it is sufficient to eliminate plans to turn the wheel of history backwards and subject the Yemeni people to a terrorist dynastic priestly regime with Iranian support.

He called for the unity of the republican ranks of all forces and to join forces with the popular will and the sacrifices it makes in order to preserve the achievements of the September 26 Revolution and its gains of freedom, dignity, peace, equality, justice, development and prosperity, and to eliminate the remnants of the Imamate projects and their external supporters.

A number of speeches were also delivered at the ceremony by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Local Administration, Abdul Latif Al-Fujair, and representatives of the Sana’a Governorate resistance, parliamentarian Mansour Al-Hanaq, and scholars Abdullah Saatar, and the martyrs and wounded national warrior Akram Al-Barawi, and the woman Mona Al-Khawlani, and all of them stressed the rejection of the people of Sana’a Governorate for any peace proposal that is not based on the three national references which stipulate that the terrorist Houthi militia hand over their weapons to the state and turn into a political party.

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