Al-Jaradi: The Republic & Islah are companions in Yemeni struggle to confront priesthood and racism

Al-Jaradi: The Republic & Islah are companions in Yemeni struggle to confront priesthood and racism

The head of the media department of the Yemeni Islah Party, Ali al-Jaradi, confirmed that the most beautiful and pleasurable occasions are what fate has made, including the coincidence of the anniversaries of Yemen's glorious revolution and the founding of the Yemeni Islah party in the month of September.

Al-Jaradi said in a tweet on X platform, "Fate brought together (the Republic and Islah) to be two companions on the path of the struggle of the Yemenis in the face of priesthood and racism, and this association is not a birthday, but rather an association intended by Islah with the great sacrifices in protecting the Republic with what it means of freedom, dignity and equality."

He stressed that the Islah party is not a party of occasions that scatters dreams in the election seasons and then disappears. It is a companion of life, a cultural identity, and the path of good behavior and rationality. Yemenis knew it as a maker of favor and close to the weak and disadvantaged groups, and politicians defined it as a loyal partner far from exclusion and exclusivity.

He continued, "The politicians remember that the Islah party began its political partnership by relinquishing its share in second place according to the results of the 1993 elections and its leadership of the political and national consensus in the rest of the stages, and today it is calling for the renewal of this national consensus for every Republican in the face of racist and sectarian militias.

Al-Jaradi said that the Islah Party is the party of the unifying idea and the national dimension that fights against racism, sectarianism, division, fragmentation and regionalisms. As the Republic's party the Islah believes in equality, justice, freedom, dignity and national sovereignty.

He concluded by saying, "When we single out the Islah Party by mentioning its exploits on its birthday, this does not mean exclusivity and arrogance over other political and national parties, but it is a birthday greeting, and it is a greeting connected to every Yemeni and Republican, to every political party, to all activists and organizations, advocates of freedom and dignity, and to all who reject racism, sectarian fragmentation projects."
And I congratulate every Yemeni, Islahi, and all political and national life partners on this occasion.

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