Houthis inflict unqualified teachers on Ibb University to spread sectarian ideology

Houthis inflict unqualified teachers on Ibb University to spread sectarian ideology

The Houthi militia imposed an unprecedented guardianship on the educational process at Ibb University, in central Yemen, in line with its objectives aimed at spreading sectarian ideas and sectarian beliefs in areas of its armed control.

Informed sources said that the Houthi militia imposed teachers from its followers at the University of Ibb, who do not hold any higher qualifications, to teach in the various faculties of the university.

Since the Houthi militia's coup and its control of universities, it has approved the introduction of two new subjects in all departments of all faculties, all of which serve Houthi ideology and sectarian beliefs, in addition to changing the content and course of Islamic culture to suit its sectarian ideas.

The sources pointed out that the militia refused to make the university staff teach these subjects, and it brought in people who did not have teaching qualifications in the universities and forced the universities to deal with them and give them a fee for teaching these subjects.

The sources pointed out that the so-called "Student Forum", which is the entity created by the militia to libel universities and intimidate their students, exercises unprecedented tutelage at Ibb University, and specific people are imposed to teach militia courses.

The sources drew attention to the demands of the Houthi Forum to preside over the university, to compel the university's doctors to attend every Wednesday to listen to the militia leader's lectures, threatening those who refuse with penalties and dismissal from the university

Since the Houthi militia took control of Ibb Governorate in mid-October 2014, it has transformed Ibb University - the largest scientific edifice in the governorate - into a platform for spreading its sectarian ideas and beliefs and a place for its various sectarian activities.

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