Aden is plunged into darkness as 80% of power plants are out of service

Aden is plunged into darkness as 80% of power plants are out of service

The General Electricity Corporation in the city of Aden announced that 80% of the system has stopped service due to the depletion of fuel in the electric generation stations and the outage of the Al-Haswa station.

The Corporation said that it had made every effort during the past days to provide a small amount of fuel that kept the stations operating at a minimum level of generation, hoping that intervention would be made to secure an urgent fuel shipment that would enable the Corporation to continue serving during the summer season relatively.

The Foundation added that all its repeated appeals did not receive a real response to ensure the continuity of operation of the generation system, which led to the suspension of more than 80% of the system from service in light of the high volume of energy demand.

In the context, sources working in the General Electricity Corporation said that about 110 megawatts is the total remaining generation in service out of 320 megawatts in the city of Aden, with loads of more than 650 megawatts.

The sources added that the turbine of the President PetroMasila station is still in service with a capacity of 90 megawatts, which works with crude oil, in addition to a very small number of generators of diesel stations, while a large number of them stopped during the coming hours.

In turn, citizens expressed their strong dissatisfaction with the significant deterioration in the electricity service, which exacerbated their suffering due to the high temperature in the city, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases.


The citizens said in exclusive statements to "Al-Sahwa Net" that the city of Aden entered, since yesterday, in complete darkness, and their suffering was exacerbated by the high temperature, due to the increase in power outages.

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