Saudi newspaper: Houthis tightly restrict moves of Saleh

Saudi newspaper: Houthis tightly restrict moves of Saleh

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi newspaper of Okaz has revealed that the Houthi Movement tightly restricted the moves of Saleh, affirming that the newspaper obtained a document confirming that.

The newspaper said that Saleh appealed to the Houthis through some of his aides to give financial amounts to his party, underling that they refuse the meet his demands.

Saudi Arabia’s state-owned news agency SPA issued a report showing escalated dispute between Houthis and Saleh’s forces. Other sources based in Sanaa, the coup’s de facto capital in Yemen, cited Saleh increasingly threatening members of the General People’s Congress, a political party chaired by Saleh, to denounce Houthis, labeling them as extremists.


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