UN offers landmine removal aid to Houthis!

UN offers landmine removal aid to Houthis!

The Unite Nations has provided a new landmine removal aid to the terrorist Houthi militia, the only warring party in Yemen that plants landmines!

The Shiit terrorist militia said in a statement on its self-styled news agency of Saba that a UN office in Hodeidah governorate provided the militia's so-called Executive Center for Mine Action in the governorate on Monday with equipment to remove landmines and cluster bombs.

The militia said, "This equipment was donated so late has come as an aid from the UNDP."

A senior Houthi militant, Jaber Al-Razehi, said this support consists of 300 mine scanning and detection devices worth 750 thousand US dollars."

The UN aid to Houthis comes amidst international, and surprisingly UN, reports confirming that the militia have planted more than two million landmines in Yemen making Yemen the most mine farmed country  since the second world war."


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