Al-Jaradi: Islah elections are a revival of the pillars of the republic, unity

Al-Jaradi: Islah elections are a revival of the pillars of the republic, unity

The head of the media department of the Yemeni Islah party, Ali al-Jaradi, said, "The Islah elections are a revival of the pillars of the republic, unity, and the right of the people to choose who will rule them."

He noted that the normal situation for any political party is for regular internal elections to be held according to their schedule, but eight years ago, when the Houthi militia overthrew the republican system, many political groups were unable to hold their periodic elections.

Al-Jaradi added, in a telephone interview on Suhail TV, that when the war prolonged, the Yemeni Islah Party took this wonderful step, which is restoring the normal course of political life, by holding elections in the governorates to renew the executive offices.

  He pointed out that this deep and indicative political meaning, which carries with it many positives, at a time when militias dominated, and the country turned into a kind of armed militia, and external connections, imposes on us as Yemenis and as political forces to return to normal, which is political and civil life.

Al-Jaradi mentioned that this may have been associated with the existing war, but these difficulties do not prevent the political parties today from regaining this role, especially since there is the emergence of militias, armed forces and external connections. All these factors oblige the political forces to restore this meaning and restore political life to its course.

He stressed that the elections of the executive offices of the Yemeni Islah party carry great connotations, as they come as a civil political practice in times of war, and this has a very great meaning and significance, as this party plays a major role in resisting the Houthi militia and restoring the political life of the country.


Al-Jaradi said, "It is from this standpoint that the vanguard, pioneering and important role in holding such elections comes, and this is a symbolism that cannot be missed by the eye of a beholder, nor can anyone who reads between the lines miss it."

He added, "As the Yemeni Islah Party is aware of this pioneering political role, it also hopes that all political forces will participate in this role and restore political life to its normal state, as there are many indications that Yemen does not want to be practiced within it as a republican system and political pluralism." And there is a kind of encouragement for the militias and the armed forces, so it is natural for this generation to pay attention to this meaning, which is the republic and its connection.

He explained that the meanings of democratic political action, civil and mass organizations, and rights and freedoms, are the pillars of the Republic of Yemen that must not be forgotten in our minds, which are linked to the Republic, Yemeni unity, and Greater Yemen, stressing that these are the foundations of the Republic and Greater Yemen, which we must never neglect.

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