Al-Hajri praises Taiz struggle in the face of Houthi blockade, denounces international position

Al-Hajri praises Taiz struggle in the face of Houthi blockade, denounces international position

Member of the Supreme Committee of the Yemeni Islah Party and head of the party's parliamentary bloc, Mr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Hajri, praised the struggle and sacrifice of the people of Taiz throughout the years of the unjust Houthi siege on the governorate.

Al-Hajri confirmed in a statement to "Al-Sahwa Net" that this historic steadfastness in the face of siege and open war on the province is a medal of honor for Taiz, and an honorable history for its residents who defended it throughout eight years of Houthi terrorism and siege.

Al-Hajri indicated that the struggle of the people of Taiz thwarted all the plans of the coup militia to quell the movement of the capital of the Yemeni struggle, which throughout the ages embraced the national resistance movements against tyranny and colonialism.

Al-Hajri stressed that the continuation of the siege imposed by the Houthi militia on Taiz is a disgrace to the militia and the international community.

"This siege, which has been going on for 3,000 days, is a full-fledged terrorist crime, due to the grave economic, social and humanitarian damage and tragedies it left behind," al-Hajri said.

Al-Hajri denounced the international silence towards the brutal siege on Taiz, which targets millions of civilians, stressing that the shameful silence of the international community towards this crime encouraged the militia to persist in torturing the people of the province by various means and methods.

Al-Hajri noted that the suffering of the residents of Taiz as a result of the continuation of the siege and the Houthi war on the governorate, and the serious violations that affect its people on a daily basis; It is a shameful collective punishment in full view of the world.

Al-Hajri called on the international community, the United Nations and its special envoy to Yemen, and organizations interested in human rights to shift from shy condemnations to exerting real pressure on the militia to lift the siege and stop the war on the province.

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