Houthi militia kidnapped 65 civilians in Sana'a last June

Houthi militia kidnapped 65 civilians in Sana'a last June

Human rights sources have confirmed that the terrorist Houthi militia had kidnapped dozens of civilians in Sana'a last June.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted the sources as documenting that the militias had kidnapped 65 civilians of all ages in the capital, Sana'a alone.

The sources said the so-called "security and intelligence apparatus" of the Houthi militia intensified manhunt and kidnapping campaigns, as the terrorist group accuses oppositionists of loyalty to the government.

The sources revealed that dozens of those who were recently kidnapped by the militias in Sana'a were subjected to the Houthi mobilization programs, pointing to the failure of all the militia's efforts to force them to join its ranks.

The Houthi militia continues its campaigns of repression and terror against civilians in its areas of control, forcing them to attend racist events, and through local committees to monitor and sort citizens politically.

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