Houthi economic war steals Eid's joy from the hearts of Yemenis

Houthi economic war steals Eid's joy from the hearts of Yemenis

As the Sacrifice Feast (Eid Al-Adhaha )approaches, people in Yemen's areas controlled by Houthis find themselves crippled by difficult living conditions due to the repercussions of the Houthi September 2014 coup and the economic war waged by the terrorist militia against the entire Yemeni people, including made-up humanitarian crises and confiscated public salaries.

Religious events and holidays which are supposed to be happy become burdensome for Yemenis as a result.  

Another war

Ahmed Hamid al-Nahmi, a 40 years old Yemeni man, from Ibb governorate, sits on the sidewalk in al-Udayn roundabout, carrying his manual work tools, waiting to get a daily work and wage that will cover the needs of his six children and his mother.

He told "Al-Sahwa Net": We are here waiting to get a work, and we have not found anything yet, and every day we wait and return without the simplest needs of our children, and we have no hope except God Almighty.

And about the approaching Eid, Al-Nahmi says: "There is no more celebration and joy in our life, and we are struggling with our needs and living in a war of a second kind. The high prices of food has turned our lives into an unbearable hell, and we have become without holidays or joys, and we strive to endure without our needs humiliating us to others."

He adds that the Eid sacrifice is not of importance and that he will buy chicken instead of Sacrifice (goat). He tried that for two years, and his children were not affected as he thought, and he overcame this concern that puts pressure on others.

Muhammad al-Audaini also said that "Eid al-Adha and before it al-Fitr are occasions to bring happiness and joy to our families and children, but such values have become a thing of the past and distant dreams that have evaporated since the coup that expanded the numbers of poverty and the poor and lost the well-to-do middle class."

The most affected are public salary dependent people 

Al-Audaini added that the public employees were "affected in an unprecedented manner, as there is no feast or occasion that concerns them." Those who have completely changed their lives and became one of the richest people.

Al-Audaini accused the Houthi "Security Supervisors" of monopolizing the money and wealth of the people that they plundered and enjoyed on their own without the rest of the people, stressing that they spend a lot of money on themselves, their families and their companions.

According to Al-Audaini, the simplest supervisor in the Houthi militia buys "qat" per day, enough to feed the family of an employee for a month, and concludes by asking how and how much will the value of the Sacrifice of these people and provide for the needs of their children and families?


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