Al-Hajri calls on international community quit the double standards policy

Al-Hajri calls on international community quit the double standards policy

Member of the Supreme Commission of the Yemeni Islah Party and head of the party's parliamentary bloc, Representative Abdul Razzaq al-Hajri, expressed his regret for the economic collapse Yemen is going through, stressing that it is a natural result of the Houthi takeover of power.


Al-Hajri pointed out that the economic collapse caused by the Houthi group is not only due to the militia's coup and war, but also to the militia's recent attacks on oil export terminals, whose proceedings belong to the Yemeni people and not to others.

*The international community maintains a double standard policy

Al-Hajri was surprised, in an interview with the FVO newsroom, that the international community dealt with Yemeni issues with double standards, comparing the outage of the international community when the army was about to capture Hodeidah port city from the hands of Houthis terrorists in 2018 with the international community's silence when the Houthis struck oil export ports.

He said: "When the government wanted to liberate Hodeidah, the international community showed a noisy outrage and objection under the pretext that people will be affected by the military operation and famine will occur, pressures that disrupted the efforts to liberate Hodeidah, while the international community was silent when the Houthis targeted the oil export ports, and we no longer heard warnings that there are people who risk dying as a result of this" major economic disruption.

Al-Hijri also referenced to the government's consent unblock airports controlled by the Houthi militia, primarily Sana'a Airport, to allow the Yemeni people to move freely, without this being at the expense of the state's legal status and a terrorist militia like Houthis has become able to issue passports. He said that at the same time "the international community did not pressure" the Shia militants to open access roads to the years long besieged city of Taiz, and "this is unfortunate."

"Today, Taiz is being killed and being smothered, and we have not heard the international community's outrage."

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