Houthis continue military build-up amid warnings against underestimating risks on Red Sea security

Houthis continue military build-up amid warnings against underestimating risks on Red Sea security

The Houthi militia is taking advantage of the international truce in its military movements, especially in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, which is witnessing an unprecedented military escalation by the Houthi militia.

These movements increase in conjunction with the government allowing the port of Hodeidah to receive various ships which of course include shipments of  various weapons continuously coming from Iran, and shipments of gas and oil to support the militias financially.


Foiling infiltrations and bombing villages

Repeated attempts by the Houthi militia to infiltrate the positions of the joint forces, and the bombing of villages and residential areas in the districts of the south of the governorate, Hays, At-Tuhita, and Al-Jarrahi.

According to field military sources in the joint forces, they thwarted three infiltration attempts during the past week in the Hays axis.

  The sources confirmed to "Al-Sahwa Net" that forces from the 2nd Brigade Zaranik and the National Forces, in Hays, and south of Al-Tahita, Al-Hima Al-Sahel, were able to force crews belonging to the terrorist Houthi militia to flee after an attempt to infiltrate south of Al-Jarrahi district.

And local sources confirmed that the terrorist Houthi militia launched a missile attack on the village of Dar Al-Harbi, causing the destruction of a house.

The bombing caused panic and terror among children and women, and it is the third bombing that targeted citizens' homes in the area this week.


For his part, the leader of the resistance in Hodeidah, Dr. Muhammad al-Khadim, confirmed that the terrorist Houthi militia, when it fails to infiltrate the army's positions, takes revenge by bombing civilians in residential areas.

Dr. Muhammad al-Khadem added to "Al-Sahwa Net" that the people of Hodeidah describe the truces and agreements as a betrayal to them and an open collusion with the Houthi terrorist militias.

Houthi notification to followers to openly recruit fighters

In another exploitation of the truce, the terrorist Houthi militia doubled its recruitment operations, exploited summer centers, and turned some of them into internal camps.

According to a circular issued by the militia leader, Mahdi Al-Mashat, in which he directed the interlocutors and leaders of his militias in Al-Hodeidah Governorate to inaugurate special military courses, which will start in a month after the completion of the summer centers, exceptionally.

The circular demand for targeted recruitment of those who had previously joined the militia camps to enroll them in new training camps, in addition to the students of the summer centers to train them on weapons and combat means, diving, planting mines, booby-trapping boats and other terrorist acts that the Houthi militia is preparing for from Al-Hodeidah Governorate.

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