Army spokesman says Houthi terrorists continue to escalate war

Army spokesman says Houthi terrorists continue to escalate war


The official spokesman for Yemen's army, Brigadier General Abdu Mujallihas , accused the Houthi militia of continuing to escalate the war on various frontlines, especially in the governorates of Marib and Taiz.

In a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Mujalli confirmed the ability and readiness of the army to decisively thwart all Houthi attempts, pointing out that the Houthis are not concerned with the agreements or truce in any way.

 Mujalli indicated that the army forces were able to thwart an infiltration attempt by militias towards their positions in the Al-Kadma area, affiliated to the Maqbana district, in the western countryside of Taiz governorate, and the army's air defenses shot down two drones belonging to the terrorist group while they were flying towards sites west of Ma'rib.

 Mujalli pointed out that "the terrorist militia has been continuing its repeated attacks on the army's positions and attempts to infiltrate on various frontlines, and the hottest fronts are south of Ma'rib, whether Al-Akkad or Al-Areef, where a drone was shot down.


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