STC forces media outlets in Aden to obtain operation permits it authors

STC forces media outlets in Aden to obtain operation permits it authors

The Southern Transitional Council has instructed the media outlets operating in the interim capital, Aden, and the governorates under its control, to register with its media authority and obtain permits for their operation in a bypassing of the government's authority.

The so-called "National Authority for Southern Media" affiliated with the Transitional Council issued a memorandum calling on employees of media institutions, newspapers and websites, and media representatives in local and international organizations, bodies and institutions operating in the capital, Aden, to obtain work permits from the authority affiliated with the Transitional Council, media sources in Aden said, "The so-called criminal investigation affiliated with the Transitional Council is the authority authorized to approve the statements issued by the council to the media.

" The sources indicated that the Transitional Council transfers all requests to the Criminal Investigation Department for approval, and then its media authority issues permits.

Yemeni journalists condemned this step and considered it a negation of the government's authority, and an attempt to establish entities and agencies to disrupt the work of state institutions, in the interim capital, Aden.


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