Houthi militia raids companies and food stores in Sana'a

Houthi militia raids companies and food stores in Sana'a

In the past two days,the  terrorist Houthi militia has raided companies and food stores in a number of streets in the capital, Sana'a.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted sources in the commercial sector in Sana'a as saying that the Houthi militants had deployed in the capital's different districts and raided stores and companies, under the pretext of ensuring their compliance with the pricing set by the group under the supervision of Mahdi Al-Mashat, who heads the militia's ruling council in the areas under the militia's control.

The General Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Sana'a had rejected the pricing imposed by the Houthi militia and considered it a violation of the constitution and the law.

The so-called Houthi leader, Muhammad Mutahar, and with him the Houthi leader in control of Sanaa, Khaled al-Madani, supervised the storming of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, removed its elected leadership headed by the well-known businessman Hassan al-Kabbous, and installed Ali al-Hadi - a militia member - in his place.

The sources stated that the Houthi leader, Muhammad Al-Washli, led the campaign that targeted shops and corporate headquarters, under the pretext of monitoring the implementation of the new price list for foodstuffs and arresting those who did not adhere to it.

From time to time, the terrorist Houthi militia imposes nefarious taxes and prices that violate the commercial law, with the aim of extorting merchants and controlling financial returns from commercial companies and businesses.

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