'Sana'a and blood': A report documents Houthi massacres against residents of Yemen's capital city

'Sana'a and blood': A report documents Houthi massacres against residents of Yemen's capital city

A new report has documented Houthi massacres against the residents of the capital Sana'a during the last five years, stressing the importance of raising the terrorist Houthi militia's accountability at this time so that the perpetrators of these crimes do not escape punishment.

The report issued by the Capital City's Media Center is entitled (Sana'a and blood... Victims of the Houthi mass massacres are awaiting justice); aims to contribute to exposing the Houthi crimes and violations against the people of Sana'a; and calls for demanding that the perpetrators of these crimes be brought to justice, and that all victims be redressed.

The center confirmed that the report coincides with the fortieth day since the fall of dozens of victims in a stampede in Sana'a last April, and as an expression of the voice of Sana’a, which was muted early the terrorist militia, and is still practicing the most heinous violations against civilians, which necessitates recalling these crimes and putting them on the table of those negotiation proposals that seek peace without reckoning for justice.

The report focused on the fact that the residents of the capital, Sana’a, have lost the sense of their and their family's and children's safety, and even property, in light of the Houthi militia’s policy of looting and plundering, which has taken more than two million people (the residents of the capital) as hostages liable to the risk of carnage and mass killing to at any moment.

He said that the suffering in Sana'a is a tragic embodiment of the Yemeni crisis, after the Houthi militia have got the entire population under their mercy and began to practice all kinds of violations against them, and also deprived them of the most basic rights by confiscating their freedom and restricting their movements, so that the population day after day appear to be living in what looks like a large prison.

 The report said while the international community showed interaction and then turned its back to the Houthi caused stampede, one of the largest crimes that the world has witnessed during the last ten years, the report confirms, the report said the Houthi militia should have held those responsible for the crime accountable, but it dealt with it in accordance with its racism and policy that does not see the right to life except for the militia's followers, although this case and other issues are purely humanitarian.

 The terrorist militia tried to manipulate these issues, by placing the blame first on the families of the victims in
a clear renunciation of its responsibility as a de-facto authority, content with promoting illusion and making promises in the eyes of those looking for justice. He said that the crime which took place on April 18, 2023, and involved the loss of 85 lives and injury of 322 other people, was committed under Houthi sponsorship, as evidence and facts confirm, especially the fact that the militia had preceded the crime with a ban on the distribution of zakat alms by merchants, except through the militia's agencies.

 The report indicated that the stampede crime is added to another series of mass crimes committed in Sana’a during the last five years, which were committed against residents of the capital, Sana’a, from 2019 until the first half of this year (2023), and the toll of massacres in it exceeded 170 dead and 660 injured, of different age groups, and African immigrants.

 The report described the night of the stampede crime as the night that "Sana’a was washed with blood" in which more than 85 citizens were killed and more than 322 others were injured, in a stampede incident that many had prepared as one of the largest stampede incidents in the world in the last ten years, indicating the group’s direct involvement in this crime based on the procedures
which came after it happened, and which tried to disavow and contented itself with the formation of investigation committees, and it also announced a mock trial for a number of them without allowing the formation of a team of lawyers for the families of the victims as the least proper measure that would have indicated the soundness of its intention to achieve justice for those fallen in that carnage.

The report said that all the evidence and the statements of the witnesses say that the gunfire, launched by Houthi militants, was the act that sparked the crowd to crush one another as they sought to flee from the queues, and an electric short occurred at the scene, and then happened  the disaster that claimed the lives of 85 citizens who were queuing to receive charity donations, but lost their lives instead

The report also cited another crime of murder of 14 students from Al-Rai School in the Sawan region in Sana'a, and the injury of more than 100 people in the crime of the explosion of a Houthi missile manufacturing site, in which the militia.

 The report said the families
of the fallen are still waiting for justice. He said that all facts and evidence about the crime that occurred in April 7, 2019 indicate the involvement of the Houthi militia in it, as it was caused by the explosion of a weapons depot belonging to the militia, located approximately 300 meters from the Al-Rai School in the Sawan neighborhood, northeast of the capital, Sana'a.

 The report concluded that the casualties were reported in even another school (Al-Ahqaf Al-Ahlia) and approximately two hundred residential buildings.

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