Under Houthi sponsorship, murders of relatives are on the rise

Under Houthi sponsorship, murders of relatives are on the rise

Within less than 60 hours, Ibb governorate witnessed two horrific crimes, carried out by two members of the Houthi militia, as part of the brutal domestic violence crimes practiced by the Houthi militia from time to time, in Ibb governorate and the rest of the governorates under its armed control.

Feeding violence and terrorism

The terrorist Houthi militia constantly force feeds violence and brutality culture to the militia's elements and leaders, which has led to Houthi elements committing horrific murders against own parents and first-degree relatives, a type of murder that until recently has been outlandish and intrusive on the people of Ibb Governorate.

The people of Ibb governorate did not know such crimes before the Houthi 2014 military coup. Yesterday morning, Monday, the city of Ibb was on a date with a new catastrophe, after a member of the Houthi militia killed his father, in a brutal and horrific way, where local sources said that a young Houthi man killed his father, using an iron tool "hammer" where he smashed His father's head is in their house located in the "Al-Wazi'a" neighborhood of Al-Dhahar district.

 According to the sources, the young man is called "Suleiman", and his father is "Jamal Abdul-Ilah Al-Haddad", as they belong to the Baadan district, east of Ibb Governorate, pointing out that the young man in his twenties has been involved with the Houthi militia for some time and participated in the Houthi warfronts, which explains the brutality of the crime.

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