Head of the Islah congratulates freed journalists

Head of the Islah congratulates freed journalists

The head of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party (the Islah), Professor Muhammad al-Yadumi, conducted a telephone conversation on Tuesday evening with the four journalists freed from the prisons of the Houthi militia, Abd al-Khaliq Imran, Tawfiq al-Mansoori, Akram al-Walidi, and al-Harith Hamid, who had spent nearly 8 years in the militia's prisons since their abduction in early June 2015.

Al-Yadumi checked in on the health of the released, and listened to a briefing from them on the arrogance and bigotry of the Houthi militia.

Al-Yadumi congratulated the journalists and some other abductees who released in the recent exchange operations, which took place under the auspices of the United Nations, expressing his congratulations to their families and comrades.

He emphasized that the freed abductees are icons of the Yemeni struggle for freedom, which is an extension of the old struggle against the ancestors of the theocratic Houthi militia represented by the Imamite.

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