Freed journalists arrive in Marib

Freed journalists arrive in Marib

Four Yemeni journalists and other civilian activists held by the terrorist Houthi group in Sana'a for years have finally been freed and arrived in the government-held city of Marib in Yemen's east, as part of a foreign-brokered deal that secures the release of larger numbers of Houthi fighters arrested in the battlefield.

Abdulkhaleq Emran, Tawfik Almansouri, Akram Alwalidi and Hareth Hamid  arrived in Tadaween basic airport near Marib city today, in a flight facilitated by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The four journalists had been sentenced to death by the Shiit theocratic group, subjected to all forms of physical torture in jail and denied visits of relatives for years.

The anguished mothers and children of the journalists received them in the airport. 


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